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December 10, 2017

Confessions of an AirBnB Superhost

We got our first AirBnB booking request three years ago in Marbella and after all this period we have become a superhost on AirBnB. I’ve met people from all over, made friends and happy customers, one of the greatest benefits of becoming a superhost is the recognition you receive from AirBnB whenever you need to contact them through email and to boost your visibility. In the next article you’ll learn everything you need to know to host guests in your home through AirBnB and become a “Superhost”.

The first part of the article covers: safety, taxes, marketing your space, adherence to laws and regulations, and a tour of what I do for my guests that made me a Superhost. I also interview another Superhost who does things very differently than I do, so you have a broader view of what it’s like to be a host. The second part of the article is a walk through of signing up and listing your space. I show you what I did so you have ideas about what you’ll want to do. You’re welcome to copy any or none of what is shown as you list your space.

I will provide helpful links to AirBnB resources as well as a few assignments to help you be compliant and successful in all areas of your hosting experience.

Hosting is a very easy way to make money and becoming a Superhost will increase the number of people who want to stay in your space. This course will show you how to get there from here.

I hope you enjoy the next article!

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